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1st Choice 

Emergency & Safety Training

In person CPR classes mississippi

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Virtual Learning

Professional Training

Unlike many local unprofessional trainers, 1st Choice EST LLC ensures certification after training, since our priority is focused on offering quality services to help humans save other human and animal lives. Therefore, we guarantee that all the students who are enrolled in our courses receive the best training and acknowledgment. When a person is undergoing a cardiac arrest, he or she feels suffocated, but CPR training ensures the highest chances of ending the suffering for that person. With one of the most leading causesof death today being heart failure, many people lose their lives every day to sudden heart

attacks at home or workplaces. Due to people's inability to have close contact, the chances of survival after an attack lessen even more.

Suppose you are well-trained regarding CPR, and you witness a person having trouble breathing at work. You can immediately use the tactics that you learned to offer first-aid while others call an ambulance, which will save more time for the doctor when you

arrive at the hospital, and ultimately, increase the patient's chances of surviving. Heart disease is rising continually, and even a healthy person can get a sudden arrest. Therefore, it is better to choose the safe route and receive training today.

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 1st Choice Emergency and Safety Training is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. No matter if it is CPR training for a group of employees, an individual needing training for work or school or an informational session for the community we will do everything we can to meet your need and exceed expectations.

Courses Offered

  • First Aid
  • BLS Healthcare Provider
  • OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Advanced Bleeding Control
  • Safe Sitter
  • Train the Trainer CPR Instructor Course
  • Naloxone (NARCAN) Training 

Additional Offerings

  • Pet CPR & First Aid
  • Philips AED Sales and Consultation
  • Health and Safety Consulting
  • Employee In-Service Coordination
  • Emergency Preparedness Classes
  • Health Fair Coordination
  • Friend and Family Non-Certification Classes
  • Public Speaking / Free Info Sessions
  • Church Health Ministry Development


If you are looking for professional CPR class providers through a search of “CPR classes near me," you just found the best one!  1st Choice EST LLC is a company that has been working for years in this field, as we use our expertise in CPR certification to provide CPR training for those who are interested. Everyone who is located in Mississippi loves our services, especially since our trainers are certified professionals who have received their qualifications from some of the most accepted and widely recognized CPR course providers, making them the absolute best at what they

do. Our top-notch instructors and trainers ensure that the knowledge they share with you is modern and updated, because we do not believe in teaching history or the outdated ways our ancestors used to administer first aid assistance! CPR training in Jackson, MS daily!

For this reason, our courses cover everything from workplace CPR training to safe sitter classes.

Why get CPR training?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR) is beneficial to learn because of its widespread importance. It is good to seek professional help, but sometimes situations can become even worse than when they originated. For such scenarios, where the chances of saving someone’s life in just a few minutes is a greater possibility, CPR is beneficial. You can perform this first aid assistance while the doctor is on their way or taking the patient to the

hospital. Thousands of people are saved every day due to the first aid that they received, and at 1st Choice EST LLC, we ensure that the enrollees obtain the best knowledge and experience to help them in the future when they are trying to save someone. If you want to receive training by the best instructors in the United States, contact 1st Choice EST today!

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Do you have a newborn, as well as an older kid who is studying in grades 6-8 at home? If so, getting your elder kid to learn some safe sitting might be a good choice. Infants are sensitive, so it is better to ensure that they are safe around young kids by getting safe sitter courses, which is a great way to save significant amounts of money that you would have to spend on babysitters. Imagine leaving your infant with their elder siblings at home peacefully. As comfortable as it sounds, this job can get messy for your elder kid if they are not appropriately trained. At 1st Choice EST LLC, we teach your kids all that they can encounter while babysitting their younger siblings, as well as coping strategies for different situations, such as procedures to easily perform the choking rescue and CPR.

Furthermore, if you are a grown-up who is looking for certifications for a safe sitter, 1st Choice EST LLC can help you too, as we provide the best training along with certificates to help increase your chances of securing your first client. Our trainers are certified and trusted agents who have been in this field for an extensive amount of years, and they are undeniably perfect at their job. 

Our safe sitter classes include all that you need to know about babies: how can you entertain them, feed them, keep them occupied, make sure they take rest/sleep well, and behave nicely. We train you to handle different emergencies, as well as how you can avoid them too!


Pets are a source of fun and joy in our homes. However, like other dependents of the family, they are also dependent on us humans. Indeed, sheltering them, food, care, love, and taking them to regular vet examinations and vaccinations are necessary. Still, you have to

ensure that you are ready for a pet emergency too, which is where pet emergency education is helpful. 

Pet emergency education educates and trains the pet owners about different risks connected to their fluffy friends, how they can avoid those issues, and how they should handle the situation if they encounter an emergency. An animal CPR course can increase

the safety of your pet's lives, helping them lead a safe and healthy life.

Our animal CPR course at 1st Choice EST LLC includes all that you need to know about CPR for dogs, cats, and other pets. Most people think that their pets can't encounter a sudden illness or injury; however, like other family members in your home, these pets are

also on the verge of accidents every day. According to a study, it was discovered that around 92% of dogs underwent some type of emergency during their lifetime. Our CPR for dogs training program ensures that the dog owners know all of the practical tricks and techniques that they could use when their pets are in an emergency. Since preventable accidents end the lives of hundreds of dogs every day, our training programs ensure that the owners know how they can prevent their pets from getting into trouble, while also educating them about the first-aid assistance.

Advanced Bleeding Control 

Injuries are a common encounter we face every day. Specifically with kids, you need to ensure that their injuries do not continue to bleed, or else it will cause problems for you and them both. At 1st Choice EST LLC, we offer a bleeding control course for adults, kids, and teenagers, because we believe that everyone should know professional and effective bleeding control methods; it is not a nurse's or a doctor's job only. Kids are on the verge of getting injured when they are playing or even when they are at school, and their skin is soft

and can easily bleed, even if they fall or trip a bit. Therefore, it is essential to educate kids about how they can stop the bleeding, as well as how to keep their injuries clean to ensure safety from any additional trouble.

Everyone should be educated on bleeding control tactics because accidents do not happen pre-announced. One of the most leading causes of preventative deaths is not learning how to control the bleeding when you or someone close to you gets injured. Most

patients lose their lives before reaching hospitals, and even if they survive, their chances of surviving are reduced dramatically due to continuous bleeding. Therefore, if you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones, enroll yourself in this course today!

You're in Great Hands!

Are you looking for workplace CPR training for your employees? You are on the right page, as 1st Choice EST LLC provides the best and most affordable CPR instructor course. Moreover, we also award the enrollees with certificates to ensure that the state acknowledges their training. Because we have the best-qualified group of trainers who have earned certificates that are recognized by the world's renowned and recognized training centers, our team is known to be the best at what they do. However, here in Jackson, Mississippi, 1st Choice EST LLC is the first and most trusted go-to option for everyone regarding first aid training, as we take a great amount of pride in our trainers, who continuously work to bring forward various techniques that are required for the training of our enrollees. We also take pride in saying that we offer the best services at reasonable pricing in Mississippi, with our previous clients always being happy with the work that they received from us. If you ask a customer who has received CPR training in Mississippi from us, you will hear good comments, which is why we have a detailed record of satisfied clients.

At 1stChoice EST LLC, we provide several different CPR Instructors Course that is the epitome of credibility and trusted service. Most people believe that CPR courses are only intended for nurses and other first-aid staff members, but this is not true because not only can anyone take CPR courses, but instructors suggest that everyone should. The primary reason everyone is encouraging others to get a system today is that it helps save lives!

It is crucial to train everyone for CPR because anyone can experience a stroke at any time. Breathing issues are common, but with Covid-19 spreading continuously, it may be difficult for you to differentiate a Covid symptom from a heart stroke symptom if you are not well-trained. Since we keep our training up-to-date, our trainers explain how you can distinguish between a heart attack and a Covid-19 illness.